At last, in my grubby little hands, I have the Dutch version of ‘A Prickly Affair‘ (and thank you very much to the author Warwick Cairns,┬áto whom they were originally sent, for passing them on)

It is rather exciting to see an entire book that apparently has my words within – while I remain oblivious to the contents. It is possible, though I am sure that the publishers would never pull a fast one like this, that it is utterly different … would be very happy to hear from any bi-linguals out there.

There are a few differences, there were some phrases I used that were untranslatable – and there is a glossary of terms that might be unfamiliar to the good folk of the Netherlands. For example, Jerusalem and the Women’s Institute were explained, as was the has-bee David Bellamy. Rather strange to find that the Clangers were not a hit in Holland, but most surprising was to see the term ‘Dogging’ needing some detailed explanation. Any ideas what ‘Het hebben van seks in een auto terwijl anderen toekijken’ means?

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  1. Errrrm well I did a Google translation and I’m not sure you’re reading the right book. The translation was:

    We love to have sex while others watch.

    • I should have gone to google … thanks for doing the dirty work for me – quite an accurate description for what I meant … there was a slight issue with dogging in an area I was radio-tracking hedgehogs in North Ayrshire – the first website I found about the park I was in explained the codes of head light flashes needed to elicit the correct response … my worry was that I would be wondering around with my torch going on and off … who knows what I was saying!

  2. Esther on August 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm said:

    Hi Hugh,

    I’m Dutch and currently reading your Hedgehog book, I love it and it is fun to read about your research in kind of story telling way. I study forest-and nature conservation and its nice to hear the stories about your fieldwork..

    Keep writing !

    PS: My translation for dogging : Having sex in a car while others watch…

    • thank you Esther – for the translation as well as the complement … I have been over to talk about hedgehogs in the Netherlands before – and have good friends there … maybe I can get out again – – I will let you know
      best wishes

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