I got sent this picture by a friend (wonderful tree surgeon, Rich). He took it not far from Brighton and I think it is one of the most important messages we can give our young hedgehogs today … you must be alert when crossing the road. And for full alertness you need to rehydrate with fresh slug-juice (at least I think that is what is being advertised).

Any other weird and wonderful hedgehog images out there? They have been used to advertise pretty diverse things – banks and trainers for example. What else can we find? I will start posting when they arrive.

More soon about genetics and computer playboy gamestation things … if I can work any of it out …. Oh – and in case I had not said it enough – the paperback of my book is coming out ┬áin a few weeks – I am busy doing talks (but always up for more) – and there is something about the paperback that I will write about soon too.

One thought on “tiredness can kill hedgehogs

  1. You have a book out? When did that happen? ;o)

    Hedgies in advertising? Hope this works

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